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If you are the ailing spouse, you might wonder: ‘How can I respect myself when I’m unable to carry my load of responsibility? Does my mate resent me for being sick? Is our happiness as a couple over?’ What is the key to happiness under such circumstances?

Relaxing Animated GIFs by Rebecca Mock

A really well done cinemagraph is really cool, but add a nice ingredient to this, like a complete illustrated cinemagraph, and we're talking about an amazing piece of art, like these by artist Rebecca Mock. Rebecca is an Americ

Moving GIFs With Impossible Optical Illusion Alphabet - http://www.moillusions.com/moving-gifs-with-impossible-optical-illusion-alphabet/?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social

Take a look at this amazing Moving GIFs With Impossible Optical Illusion Alphabet illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

tumblr_naka61amjD1sb5osho1_500.gif (500×750)

An interesting mix ( I Hope ) of some of my likes , Andrew Davidson, Optical Addict

3D Moving Graphics GIF | gallery of moving 3D gif animations from the good folks over at ...

Fishing vacation for a gnome that can't go far from home, moving gif animation

Oamul Lu

20 Beautiful Animations by Great Illustrators

if you ever have anxiety just stare at this and it helps a lot i promise :) be happy for me

11 never-ending hypnotic GIFs that just made a portion of our weekend disappear mysteriously ^

3D Moving Graphics GIF | animated-gifs-21-09.gif?w=454&h=454

10 Best Animated Gifs of the week

Picture is animated, so open it in a separate window for it to fully play science-nature-and-history

rebeccamock:  Wow, almost 50,000 notes! Thanks Tumblr! (and thanks Annie!) This post includes a couple gifs I never posted to Tumblr, too.  ...


Brooklyn-based illustrator and comic artist Rebecca Mock has created this series of hypnotic and relaxing GIFs with slightly animated effect .

black blob moving around, animated gif

Dark Matter: The Experimental Motion Graphics of Joe Street

1 | Mesmerizing Art From A Master Of The Animated GIF | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Mesmerizing Art From A Master Of The Animated GIF

Snowflake GIF via decentscraps #GIF #Snowflake