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Ned Stoller, Michigan AgrAbility Assistive Technology Specialist, "I've been doing AgrAbility work for 13 years from the Ohio River to Lake Superior. This workday was one of the highlights of my career. To have a group of six guys from Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity spend a day on the farm with a young guy who just had a spinal cord injury, adapting 3 tractors with special steps, handrails, and hand control lever on the clutch. It was a wonderful day!”

What does an Agricultural Assistive Technology Specialist do? First he will identify essential activities at the farm site, followed by a tour. Assessments help farm workers and owners determine which assistive technologies and strategies will improve functioning on the job in spite of a disabling condition. Without an assessment, a farmer and his employees may not be aware of the many ways to make the worksite accessible to a person with a disability.

In 2014, Don Fall was involved in a car accident which left him with a broken hip. He met with Ned Stoller, an agricultural assistive technology engineer from Michigan AgrAbility to discuss solutions that would enable him to continue his work on the farm while living with chronic pain and waiting for hip replacement surgery.

Easter Seals & UW-Extension help farm families affected by disabilities through AgrAbility of Wisconsin.

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