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There is our second son. He is the fairy of laughter, and optical illusions. Because of his special eyes he is capable of showing magical illusions. When he grows up I think he wants to join the circus and becoming a clown.

FLOWER FAIRIES/BOTANICALS: Eyebright; This is an original vintage Cicely Mary Barker Flower fairies colour print. It is not a modern reproduction, c1934; approximate size 11.0 x 7.5cm, 4.25 x 3 inches

This is an original vintage Cicely Mary Barker Flower fairies colour print. It is not a modern reproduction, approximate size x x 3 inches

Mary Kay: Ultimate mascara, liquid eyeliner, white lily eye and lavender fog shadow. (retail: < $50)

The brown smokey eye is SO IN right now! lots of GORGEOUS eye makeup tutorials Starry Night Eye makeup eye makeup. pink and purple hair

Gypsies/ fairy costume                                ☮✿★ Makeup ✝☯★☮

Purple - Gold Eye make-up look. This would be awesome for Halloween, maybe as a witch or evil queen?

According to Irish legend, Fairy Rings are the location of gateways into the fairy kingdom. The physical appearance of a circle of mushrooms or flowers are commonly found throughout the Emerald Isle. Folklore states that a fairy ring appears where a Leprechaun, fairy, or any other sprightly mystical creature exists and they will often be found laughing and dancing in the twilight.

According to Legend A Fairy Ring Appears Where A Leprechaun, Fairy, Or Any Other Sprightly Mystical Creature Exists & They Eill Often Be Found Laughing & Dancing In The Twilight

Smokey Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial, so pretty to look at but I could never pull it off

Linda Hallberg in a mermaid makeup. putting the darkest color in the palette (aqua blue) at the inner corner of your eyes is usually against the law but this creates a mysterious majestic appearance that will make people look twice

Sugar plum. Pretty colors

15 Best Shimmering New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorials

Tutorial silver and purple eyes. Similar to what I do with my purple Sephora eyeshadow.