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Garden gloves (Pias Ryddige Hjørne)

Gardening gloves have a way of disappearing. Once dirty, they seem to blend into berry patches and stone walls -- only to be found the next day, dew-soaked and useless until they dry. To keep gloves handy, sew magnets onto their cuffs.(via Martha Stewart)

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When I have my own brick walls outside.Moss paint: You’ll need several handfuls of moss, of buttermilk or a can of beer and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix in a blender until liquid and paint on the wall. Spray daily as it grows, as moss thrives when moist.

Guide of Edible Flowers.

23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

I went to this fabulous wedding a few years ago and the coolest thing were edible flowers on the filet mignons! Guide of Edible Flowers

Natural weed killer. 1 gallon vinegar to 1oz soap.

one gallon white vinegar plus one ounce dish soap = natural weed killer-I'm trying it-hope it works!

10 Garden Solutions in Your Pantry - hopefully the one about using coffee on slugs works! I'm gonna try it

10 Garden Solutions in Your Pantry (sprinkling coffee grinds in the garden will discourage your neighbors cats)

Click your region, and it lists native plants!  From the Native Plant Information Network.

RECOMMENDED SPECIES - Welcome to the section of the Native Plant Information Network. Here is where we post lists of native plants recommended for various purposes.

35 Natural Gardening Pest and Disease Recipes

35 Pest and Disease Remedies - Turn to your pantry & medicine cabinet for simple solutions to common garden problems -- Fine Gardening Article

A way to make a tiered garden from buckets and tubs

Nice and easy DIY herb garden idea using buckets. Interesting idea on a tiered Herb Garden using pails/buckets picked up from antique stores, thrift shops & garage sales.

Use mini bundt pans to mold bird seed/berries

DIY Birdseed Wreath: Make clever use out of a Bundt pan by creating a pretty suet-birdseed feeder for your feathered friends. Wouldn't this be cute in a heart-shaped bundt pan for Valentine's Day Gift for grandparents?