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CKR (Lotta Agaton)

So. The bad news is that I haven't posted on here in ages. The good news is that it's been so long since I've posted that my next-most-recent posts (from Valentine's Day last year) are almost valid again. "Heeere we go slacking, here we go! Stomp. Stomp."

Europeans got this impression from eating off pewter plates - the acid from the tomatoes leeched lead out of the plates, leading to poisonings. Native Americans, who'd been cultivating and eating 'maters for centuries, never had this problem.

Dummies of the Year

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This recently happen with my blue chair and I just didn't know where to grab and how to pull it up. So useful. I thought in would have to get a new chair. (Note: extreme sarcasm)<<< why does it take one minute and 53 seconds to pick up a blue chair