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Ganti_Tiffany Waipahu, HI From Cat's Point of view

New Mexico Owl Species Wings | From a cat or dog's point of view, this would be terrifying!

Our bodies are bunches of atoms, and like any rock or star or other bunch of atoms, we have to obey the laws of physics as we move. But each species obeys those same laws in its own way. My cat lea…

Donna Manuel - "Cat massaging Dog's Back." Cat Point of view. Kapolei, HI.

The Ice Made Collection 1st edition (i.e. replete with anachronistic grammar) 'Night of Life' implies that first contact with aliens may come with strings. 'Cuckoo' looks at cross species hook-ups. An exploration vessel explores VIRGOHI121 and finds a space Derelict. Is our point of view the only sensible one? What would our pets say about us if they could talk? 'Carrie' gives a cat's view and 'Dodger' a dog's view of people.... plus a further 25 tales from the author's fertile imagination.

Written by dogs, for dogs. A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog's point of view. Bob the Westie shares some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of human beings, and imparts some of his wisdom on manipulation techniques, activities to curb boredom, how to exercise your human and more... A must have book for all canines! Take the quiz at the end of the book to rate your dog's human training skills.

When vampire Bogdan Strigoi suggests his writer wife change the nature of the Undead in her next novel, he may die regretting it. As soon as Ana’s latest book is released, she finds herself accused of breaking aventurieri Law by proving vampires are real. A confrontation with the prince’s assassin is in order and that’s not good from anyone’s point of view since meetings with Cézar are inevitably fatal.

Adult points out cat-owning child hunter's inconsistent moral views and behavior. Cue the whining over "anti-hunter bullying". It's perfectly reasonable to ask children to defend their beliefs and actions and to point out any hypocrisy or double-standards. That's how kids learn. Giraffe populations have greatly declined, and what used to be considered one species actually is four that can't interbreed. Conservationists like David Attenborough are calling for greater protection of giraffes.

A new University of Iowa study finds babies make more speech-like sounds during reading than when playing with puppets or toys -- and mothers are more responsive to these types of sounds while reading to their child than during the other activities.

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