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‘Up’ in real life…

‘Up’ in real life…seriously, how cute is that? I have actually seen this house in real life. Its somewhere in utah.


Chapter 2 Page 7 Another page! This is what happens when I'm bored yay! Uru's Reign Part Chapter Page 7

This guy nailed it!!

This is awesome. The Road to El Dorado Dreamworks cosplay costume Miguel and Tulio

no smile no smile!

Beauty and the beast classic Disney movie - 19 Reasons We Are All Actually Every Single Disney Character

50 points to Enchanted.

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! The old men in the park during Enchanted are the chimney sweeps from way back when in Mary Poppins. This my friends is why Disney is so freaking awesome and magical!

Disney scenes that make you cry. The Lion King, Dumbo and Fox and the Hound get me everytime....

Funny pictures about Disney scenes that make you cry. Oh, and cool pics about Disney scenes that make you cry. Also, Disney scenes that make you cry photos.

From The Prince of Egypt. Hahahaha this is just better because Moses actually had a speech impediment so his brother, Aaron, was sent to help him speak to Ramses

IRONY - Prince of Egypt - ftr. Moses only asked for Pharaoh to let them take a 3 days journey to worship in the desert - Prince of Egypt - I pinned this in reference to Monday's Office of Readings - - Lent Wk.

The real question is why Genie still has his cuffs on if he was freed by Aladdin in the original movie?

Classic Cartoons Breaking The Fourth Wall<< I noticed this and I was like O SNAPP cause I was little and didn't know cuss words

Ignore that a commenter takes the Lord's name in vain. I had never realized or thought of this before!

Yeah I believe this theory that Mulan IS the Great Stone Dragon . 'Super Carlin Brothers' the you tube channel made a theory video on this.