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Destash Appetite Chip #Gemstones

Destash Appetite Chip #Gemstones

Uncut Diamonds - this is what they look like when we get them, before we turn them into the best loose diamonds for our clients

Diamonds are a hard crystalline form of carbon. These uncut diamonds are from the Russian State Precious Metals and Gemstones Collection Fund, part of the Russian Finance Ministry. Photographed in Moscow, in March

sugilite/richterite . This crystal is said to be the crystal of Archangel Michael. That is why I am pinning this here.

sugilite/richterite Said to be the stone directly ascendant to Archangel Michael. This is my number one desired stone.


high-vibrational Heart Chakra Crystal, Peridot carries a positive energy that is helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations. Do you know that this little green crystal may bring you luck in money? crystal for money

0.5ct Green Tsavorite Garnet

0.50 ct Green Tsavorite Garnet

Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet from Tanzania. 6 x 4 mm Cushion-Cut quality loose gemstone for jewelry from GemSelect.

Green Moss Gemstone Agate Stone Cabochon 31.5 carats 42x23 mm

Green Moss Tree Agate Stone Cabochon Semiprecious stone Milky and Clear Agate

AMETHYST SAGE designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones.

(Gemstone) Amethyst sage Agate translucent lavender chalcedony is riddled with manganese dendritic inclusions.

ggeology:  Tourmaline // Madagascar

Watermelon Tourmaline - beautiful crystal creations -were put here for us to enjoy, so stop being afraid of those who try to push new age ideas - crystals DO have healing in them - I have proved it and you can also

Montana dendritic agate, old stock from the banks of the Yellowstone River.

Montana dendritic agate, old stock from the banks of the Yellowstone River.

cuarzo rosado #natural #stone

Strengite Indian Mountain, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA © Lou Perloff / Photo Atlas of Minerals