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Its been about a week since I first downloaded and started playing Neverwinter (not to be confused with Neverwinter Nights), and Im very happy that I made the decision. For a while, Ive been looking for an interesting new MMO and Neverwinter sounded like everything I could want. Its a free game, the visuals are [...]

There's something about scribbling in an old-fashioned notepad that feels magical. Sure, you mostly use it for writing, which is something you ca is just as easy as writing, so you can illustrate your ideas. Many apps tried capturing that ease, most famously Paper for iOS. Today I'm here with InNote, a free Android app that lets you create multiple sketch notepads, draw with various tools, and convey your ideas visually.

Hashtags have made their way across social networks, but there is nowhere they shine more than on the social network where they first started - Twitter. The feature, first introduced by a Twitter user, has taken on a life of its own. Hashtags have become a great way to label tweets, to create a trending topic, or simply interact with like-minded people on Twitter. It can sometimes be a little overwhelming trying to navigate the sheer volume of hashtags.

Google's unfortunate decision to shut down its RSS reader service, Google Reader, is an important reminder of just how unreliable the cloud can be. When using free online services, and in some cases even some paid ones, you can never be too sure what is going to happen to your content, and whether or not the service will be available a year from now.

There's certainly no shortage of iPhone photography apps - if anything, there might be a tad too many to choose from. If there's one app you definitely need to add to your iPhoneography arsenal, it's VSCO Cam. The free app is the second iteration to hit the app store courtesy of Visual Supply Company and this time it's free so you can try out the app and get a feel for it, before deciding if you want to shell over more money for additional filters.

Sometimes you just might want to record your Skype conversations. Skype itself does not provide a way to do this, but Mac users can find a variety of tools for the job on the web. How hard is the process? Well, as the old adage goes: you can find a simple, high-quality tool but it won't be free; you can find a free, simple tool but it won't be high quality; and you can find a free, high-quality tool, but it won't be simple. Confused? Don't be. Let's outline your options.

Sick and tired of unknown callers hammering away at your sanity? The vast majority of such calls originate from commercial entities, rather than your friends or loved ones calling from roadside assistance phones. But how would you know the difference between a telemarketer and a family member? Simple: There are apps that can identify your callers in real-time and check the caller ID against a database of known telemarketers and scammers.

Some people might say that having Facebook and Stupid in the same title is a bit redundant. They may be correct. There are definitely a lot of things that qualify as stupid on Facebook, and the harsh reality is that there are a lot of stupid people on Facebook. Come on folks, there's over half a billion people on Facebook, some of them, statistically speaking, have to be stupid! In fact, at least 49% of us on Facebook are below average intelligence.

Cloud Print adds another arrow to your mobile office arsenal. Now, Google has released a free Android app for Cloud Print that enables you to print from any Android device with a Cloud Print connected printer. If you have always wanted to print from your phone or tablet easily and quickly, Cloud Print is probably the fastest solution you can set up.

Say the Same Thing (STSG) is a new game, available as a free iOS and Android download, which comes to us courtesy of the band OK Go. Letterpress made a splash when it launched last year, Pictionary-like Draw Something was a huge hit, and there's lots of popular iOS word games like 7 Little Words that will keep you busy for hours. STSG is a new word association game that brings a bit of vocabulary fun into your day.

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