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DESDE otra perspectiva

DESDE otra perspectiva

It looks magical And then they ruin it with a retarded comment like "the​ sky is gay confirmed" like for god's sake did something as simple as rainbows have to be turned into a political agenda?

How to organize your cats

Cat organizer

Funny pictures about Cat organizer. Oh, and cool pics about Cat organizer. Also, Cat organizer photos.

Cat Owners Will Understand

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ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆

This Comic Shows Why Mornings Are the Worst

ARTICLE: "Waking Up: A Journey", Sarah C. Andersen ☆ (poor,cute, little alarm clock)

"Favorite Daydream"      laurenconrad.com

How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Swing and cloud

KnT #50

+KnT - Pinch It+ by Z-Doodler on DeviantArt I think there a gay couple don't blame me tho

This is the best part!

Sometimes a cat and a good book are all you need. I just noticed she is reading Twilight.

『I My モコちゃん』や『ジョン&ヨージ』、NHK『おやすみ日本』の「眠いい昔話」コーナーイラストでおなじみ、死後くんのオリジナルマンガ連載! 次回は3月19日更新を予定。お楽しみに!

『I My モコちゃん』や『ジョン&ヨージ』、NHK『おやすみ日本』の「眠いい昔話」コーナーイラストでおなじみ、死後くんのオリジナルマンガ連載! 次回は3月19日更新を予定。お楽しみに!

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This is an example of release, which means 'we laugh to let go of other feelings or emotions'. This is an release because when you look at the part that says 'Dog Hotel', you will feel happy that this is the greatest day.