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Listening Games - practice listening skills, making observations with your ears, and following directions with these fun activity ideas!

Ivan Karpow aka dozhd'otets (rain father) russo geologist and finder of Mamoth portal deep under the capital city - 1.class citizen and member of the inner hive

The human body will be the next computer interface. (I went to an educational conference a few years back and they were discussing neural implants in all seriousness, and what it would mean for people teaching students with this technology)

KLIPPA, Prosthetic Leg for Rock Climbers by Kai Lin

It's all in what you tell yourself. Before a chior performance, a test, or a speech. Telling yourself i can't do this only implants that thought into your brain causing fear. If you just don't think about it and just do gets done.

You experience a close call in which your life flashes before your eyes, but the visuals and memories are from someone else's life.

Jie laikė mane surakinę Ir vadino monstru Taigi aš sukaupiau visas jėgas Ir parodžiau jiems monstrą Dabar iš jų lupų neištrūks nei vienas žodis

Father Gets Tattoo to Match Daughter's Cochlear Implant

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