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Art Deco (Art Moderne) encompassed the ’20s through the early ’40s and reflected a shift to lighter and more neutral shades with metallic undertones. Popular accent colors were exotic pastels.

1940s Decorating Style

The Art Deco / Art Moderne color palette reflects a shift to light, neutral shades with metallic undertones of silver and gold added to sand, gray, beige, and peach. Exotic pastels accents were an iconic color trait of the era. Gold undertones for sure.

A (very brief) graphic primer between Art Deco and Streamline Moderne... - Dieselpunks

A (very brief) graphic primer, the difference between Art Deco and Streamline Moderne.

Art Deco furniture makes your house look like a Metropolis set

Art Deco furniture makes your house look like a Metropolis set

A nave do bom gosto: april 2010 - Rotterdam.... Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla, 1938 UPPLAGD AV JULIO AMORIM INGA KOMMENTARER:   ETIKETTER: 30`S, BAAS, HOLLAND, RESIDENCE, STOCKLA

Chabot Museum, Rotterdam, Gerrit Willem Baas and Leonard Stokla, (Originally designed as a private house, a top floor extension was added by architect E. Groosman in

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spanish art deco house innovative renovation design - it's now legal, I can be sparce in the new garden.

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An Art Moderne Restoration

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I am an Art Deco Junkie.  The Architecture, the Design, the Furniture, the Jewelry, it all lifts my spirits and makes me happy.

Art Deco architecture began as a decorative take on modernist design from the early twentieth century. Sometimes referred to as Architecture Moderne,