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Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden® pointe shoes are wonderfully different. Gaynor Minden® pioneered the use of high-tech impact reduction in pointe shoes and their shock absorbing

Bloch Euro Stretch - Move Dancewear®  I really want to try these pointe shoes!!

Bloch Euro Stretch - Move Dancewear® I really want to try these pointe shoes!

Feet Stretching Exercises For Ballet | my insteps have been giving me trouble all semester! Great tips to help stretch after I go back to practice tonight.

Safe Stretches for Ballet Feet Arches

Feet Stretching Exercises- work on your toepoint and stretch through your feet. I did these in ballet and they felt sooo good.

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes 5 Box Sleek Vamp

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes The most Beautiful pointe shoes a ballet dancer would ever purchase.

How dancers prepare their pointe shoes | Behind Ballet

Every ballerina customises her pointe shoes before she wears them to adapt them to her shape and tastes. Soloist Laura Tong shows us step by step how she likes

Russian Pointe Rubin. All time favorite pointe shoe

8 Dancewear Tips And Tricks

Rubin (“ruby”) glows and captivates with rich, lustrous elegance. The stellar versatility of this amazing pointe shoe has given Rubin unsurpassed popularity among discerning ballerinas. The low crown,

Follow if you like what you see ;)  ~ @harmony0406 | Leos Soft Pink Pointe Gel Toe Pad | Pointe Shoe Corner

These Leos Soft Pink Pointe Gel Toe Pad are designed with an innovative, odorless polymer gel. This toe pad is softer than most toe pads, helps to distribute toe force pressure evenly and has exceptio