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Russian graphic designer and photographer Katya Malakhova, clearly an industrial designer as well, has put a spin on the traditional Russian Matroyshka doll.

Batman Russian Nesting Doll - These masked toys combine everything you love about the classic Russian nesting dolls and the Dark Knight into an adorable set of Matryoshka dolls .

Hooded Batman Backpack With Wings!

Batman hooded backpack WITH WINGS Matchette .i am buying u this for back to school!

batman kitchen aid  mixer | Batman vinyl embellishment for kitchenaid! | Kitchen

Batman Vinyl Embellishments for your Mixer or. Pimp my KitchenAid - Vinyl Sticker Decal. One day I'll have a KitchenAid mixer and I shall get this

The Bat Signal - on the floor of a pool!

Illinois Home Pool Has Bat Symbol. I don't want the pool, but the bat signal is awesome.


USB Batman Spotlight

Mini USB Batman Spotlight - Get the Bat-Signal anytime and anywhere.

By Andrew Liszewski I’m sure those alarm clocks that project the time or weather on the ceiling are quite handy but I personally have no use for them. Well to.

Batman Projection Alarm Clock - Braxten could wake up fighting crime every morning instead of just a couple days a week. ahhh i want this dunnnnnuuunnu batman