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Family Lunch Box Ideas - Week 12

Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 12 pcs: Make cute balloons, flowers, swords, food rings, and drumsticks.

Japanese Bento Food Pick Flower Leaf 18 pcs for Bento Box

This food pick set contains 18 food picks designs 3 colors 2 pieces each) for bento lunch decoration. This food pick is great to decorate on small tomato,.

bento70 | by kirstenreese

Frosty the Snowman lunch, 2 circular ham and cheese sandwiches with a circle of mozza on top. Fruit leather, icing eyes, carrot and food safe markers decorate our snowman. Also a container of carrot noses and a container of pretzel arms.

Here is one I made for her morning nutrition break. I had an idea to decorate her banana with cute stickers to make it more fun and I just love the way it turned out. She really loved it too, so it will definitely be something I'll do again. She also got a container of yogurt with rainbow sprinkles and a container of chocolate goldfish crackers - yum!

Snack bento: vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, chocolate goldfish grahams, banana with stickers

CuteZCute Giveaway on Veggie-Bento.com #bento #cutezcute

CuteZCute Giveaway To do ---- find where to get these cutters!

Panda Lunch your kid is sure to eat!  by @Arlee Greenwood

Panda Lunch your kid is sure to eat! by Benedict Benedict Greenwood

Boy's Rocket Launch Bento Lunchbox Ideas

25 Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Back to School

Rocket Launch Lunch Ham/cheese sandwich, cucumber stars, beef stick/cucumber/cheese rockets, blueberries and strawberries, almond flour spice cupcake