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World's Largest Cut Diamond. "Star of Africa I," or "Cullinan I," at 530 carats, is the largest-cut fine-quality colorless diamond in the world. It was cut from the Cullinan diamond.

"The 101" the largest D color flawless diamond ever to come to auction. Sold at the auction for 26.7 million dollars.

Highlights of the Christies Geneva spring sale of Magnificent Jewels on 15 May

The 'Winston Legacy' is the largest white diamond ever to come to auction. The Type IIa, pear-shaped, D colour, flawless diamond was sold to Harry Winston at Christie's auction of jewels in Geneva on 15 May

The Spoonmaker's Diamond (Turkish: Kaşıkçı Elması), the pride of the Topkapi Palace Museum.Turkey.. fourth largest diamond of its kind in the world is a 86 carats (17 g) pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a double row of 49 Old-mine cut diamonds .

The pride of the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, and its most valuable single exhibit is the pear-shaped Spoonmaker Diamond, also known as the Kasikci. Surrounded by a double-row of 49 Old Mine cut diamond

The Dresden Green originated in the Kollur mines in Southern India.The Dresden Green Diamond has a historical record dating back to 1722 when a London news sheet carried an article about it in its 25 October. It was acquired by Augustus III of Poland in 1742 at the Leipzig Fair. In 1768  the diamond was incorporated into an extremely valuable hat ornament surrounded by two large and 411 medium sized and small diamonds This is the setting that the Dresden Green still appears in today

'The Dresden Green Diamond': green fancy, carats, pear cut - Possibly Brazil, the largest green diamond known - It was taken to Moscow after World War II.

The Star of the Season: a pear-shaped stone of 100.10 carats, D-color and internally flawless, bought at Sotheby's in Geneva during May, 1995. The final price of US 16,548,750 paid by Sheikh Ahmed Fitaihi of Saudi Arabia.

The Star of the Season Diamond: Famous Large Diamonds - Chatelaine's Gemstones, Antiques and Appraisals Magazine

Cullinan III and IV Brooch, Carrington & Co. 1911

Cullinan III and IV Brooch, Carrington & Co. Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration. Credit line: The Royal Collection (c) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.