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Hahaha this is funny... but we still need school...

Why do we need school? US Humor - Funny pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images

friends make a boring school day an interesting unforgettable day

More like: To my highschool keyboard teacher - don't ever make me sit in the back of the room with my back to the class, I will still shout at my BFF!

I dont care if other people can hear my music. They should be glad cause i listen to such amazing music.

I have no idea if this is correct or not, but that is a great comeback!

will we ever study though? (nope

Why Didn't You Study? :)- this kids awesome!:)haha- Would it have been easier to study then figure the math for that?

So true

Every word problem back in elementary school. I've also had derpy teachers who have accidentally made impossible word problems. so we would freak out thinking we didn't study enough to find out our teacher apparently needs to go back to school.

Damn I wish I had thought of this when I was in school

Dear Teacher, if the bell doesn't dismiss me, then the bell doesn't decide when I arrive.Case Closed>>>>> Next time a teacher says that the bell doesn't dismiss the class, tell them this.


An the teacher gets all of you in trouble because they enjoy torturing children and being unfair. Um if you hate kids then why did you become a teacher?


*Teacher leaves room during a test* Elementary School: "Psstt, hey can I have a pencil? WHATS NUMBER

I'm screaming that at school too maybe I get one hour of detention but...HELL YEAH I GOT ATTENTION FROM THE HOLE CLASS

ikr i was in class and it started snowing today and half the class rushed to the window bcuz it doesnt snow a lot and the teacher was like wtf and then just sat down in his chair like these teenagers go crazy over snow?

I have a bad memory..

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