I want this picture but instead of cradling the baby, have her on your shoulder so your hand is visible ❤️

dad kisses mom on forehead while mom holds baby. Now this is truly beautiful:')

Literature is a textually transmitted disease; normally contracted in childhood.

bibliophilefiles: “ A yearly photo of your child with their favourite book at the time. As they grow and change their favourite book would change too. (originally from Little Baby Garvin, via.

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21 (autres) façons originales d’annoncer le sexe de bébé

Gender Reveal Session by Swarthmore Photographer Tori Stauffer Photography who specializes in family, newborn, and maternity photography.

46 Birth Photos That Are Worth Having A Baby For

46 Birth Photos That Are Worth Having A Baby For

Birth Photos // I found the images with fathers particularly touching, since they, for the most part, are bystanders, watching the person they love go up the veil and pull both of their child through. It's tough for both mommy and daddy.

We're definitely having a birth photographer for our next babe. @ http://lightingworldbay.com for more information - you may need to look around the site

Baby Birth Day Pictures - Stephanie Fisher Photography wish we would have had something like this