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I love Christmas traditions! Here are 29+ memorable family Christmas traditions that will create a lifetime of memories for your family.

Make the most of family time during the holidays with this collection of over 29 Memorable Family Christmas Tradition Ideas that will help you create a lifetime of memories each winter season!

Tension set - titanium and moissanite

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Packing Tips by expedia via lifeahacker #PAcking_Tips:

These Packing Techniques Save Space and Let You Carry More

We’ve covered lots of ways to cram a lot of stuff in small suitcases, but this video and infographic from Expedia is full of handy packing tips to remember the next time you’re heading out on a business trip—or a well-earned vacation.

#TVD 8x15 "We're Planning a June Wedding"

lol I don't ship Stefan and Caroline but This is too funny not to pin!

Best small business start http://www.workhomeopportunities.net/

Best small business start http://www.workhomeopportunities.net/

Funny Minions Pictures Of The Day

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