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In comparison to RepubliCONs today, Roosevelt would be considered a raging liberal.

The Death Knell of the Republic IS RUNG~ Listen to Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt "Square Deal" Speech

president theodore roosevelt - square deal speech, 1903

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The Death Knell of the Republic IS RUNG~ Listen to Teddy (Theodore Roosevelt "Square Deal" Speech

Theodore Roosevelt

If people who came to America hadn't done this in the past , we would all have to learn to speak and write 20 different languages! America would have been like the tower of babel! To continue in english, press one.

The former secretary of labor explains why the economy will never benefit from the rich having more money

Robert Reich: The Reagan revolution is killing America’s middle class

Robert Reich: America is headed full speed back to the century - Former labor secretary Robert Reich on the dangers of on-demand jobs and our growing intolerance for labor unions

John F. Kerry, who helped negotiate the accord when he was secretary of state under President Barack Obama. said he didn't buy the president's reasoning.

Kerry: Trump’s bid for a better climate deal is like O.J. Simpson’s search for the ‘real killer’

With withdrawal from Paris accord, Trump keeps focus squarely on his most devoted supporters

And republicans blame minorities and the poor, for shortcomings in the budget, as a result of their backroom deals.

Protests against corporate greed spread across the globe

WASHINGTON -- Democrats on Wednesday raged against a government funding bill that would provide taxpayer subsidies to risky Wall Street derivatives trading.

Democrats Revolt Against 'Wall Street Giveaway' In Deal To Prevent Government Shutdown

Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, took a passionate stand against a provision in the spending bill that rolls back a major part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation legislation.

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Although he was born into a posh and wealthy New York City family, Theodore Roosevelt is often remembered of as one of America's wildest and.