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Funny... I heard this for the first time about a year ago (2013), from a wonderful friend... have quoted it myself since then. And think about the word sorry more deeply.

Powerful analogy of an apology. This is brilliant, never read something so true! Good lesson why an apology may not be enough to set things right. Saying sorry doesn't change anything if your behavior doesn't

I needed this! ❤️

Funny pictures about Demons In The Morning. Oh, and cool pics about Demons In The Morning. Also, Demons In The Morning photos.

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If only everybody was...

I believe in this statement to my very soul. And it amazes me how so many "smart" people don't get it! Books smart means nothing if you don't get this!

I believe the I have found the best quote for our kids. Unfortunately, even after all this time, it was the same interaction. Lies, bribes and no apology...Proves us right...time and time again.

The best apology is changed behavior

I am truly, truly sorry and I will try to prove it with my silence . because my words show you my weakness and you hate me for that