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Tomorrow is yet again the anniversary of the lies and deceptions of 9/11 that shook the planet and changed this world into one of War, Fals...

This is the kind of stuff that makes you say Hmmmm and fuels conspiracy theories.

And when Caine had his dream come true.   |   35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place  |  BuzzFeed.com

OH LAWD these gave me a major case of the feels! I know a lot of these stories and pics are already going around, but if anything, check out Caine's Arcade. Not only is faith in humanity restores, but the kid is a freaking genius!

Omg, this is so true...

This Will Always End In Tears

This Will Always End In Tears // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

David Foster | "Great Great Great Aunt Mary Foust, her dog Pen, and her loom" | Foust Hollow, Anderson County, Tennessee, U.S.A. | loom is now in the Museum of Appalachia

mary foust, daughter of daniel foust - never left east tennessee, lived to nearly 100 - visited by president teddy roosevelt - her loom is in the museum of appalachia

The channel that broke my heart and my faith in TV (revived by the BBC).  I SO looked forward to this channel, and loved it for a while.  Then it mutated, and I was sad.

The History Channel nowadays…

We gon git dem gators! I miss the old History, Discovery, Animal Planet and AE! Bring back the good stuff!

Photographer makes little boy's dream come true

Good Guy Photografer

Faith In Humanity Restored – 20 Pics Love this photographer who made this little boys dreams come true.

There’s still awesome people in this world…

"You are Loved" A friend shared this with me, in the past 2 months 3 students had committed suicide in their school ~Someone with a Huge heart decided to make around 2000 of these hearts and taped them to every single locker before the school started .

Woman Returns Home to Find an Unruffled Chicken Riding Around the Living Room on a Roomba

Woman Returns Home to Find an Unruffled Chicken Riding Around the Living Room on a Roomba

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