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39 Fresh Logo Designs

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Sugar Mama by David Sierra, via Behance

David Sierra

Logo design, graphic design and numerous illustrations by David Sierra for the Sugar Mama identity, stationery and website.

Moscu Graphicdesign Alvarezcarratala2

Moscu Graphicdesign Alvarezcarratala2

Moscú (Moscow) is a Frozen yogurt identity, which is based on the dome of the San Basilio cathedral, and at the same time represent a frozen yogurt shape.

On the Creative Market Blog - 25 Beautiful Typefaces and Fonts

25 Beautiful Typefaces and Fonts


This is a really cool logotype. I like how the entire word "collision" appears to be actually colliding, letter to letter. The collision is most evident in the letters "lli.

Golden Palm Illustration Logo Template $19.00:

Textile inside the image cropped into triangle shape is cool. maybe bright colors added with more flows graphics inside?

The Secret Keepers by Dolphins Communication Design - The Greek Foundation

More stunning packaging coming out of Greece: The Secret Keepers, one of the finest harvesters or exquisite farm products from all over the world. The packaging features minimal design, with references to mysticism symbols and forms.