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Cavapoo This is a face that looks like it would be a good friend! Just seeing it makes me smile.


Biewer Yorkshire - I don't usually go for small dogs, but this lil thing is right up Esther's alley.


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Teamwork Photo: This Photo was uploaded by sfiolek. Find other Teamwork pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video hos.

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Cavapoo is a mix breed that are result of breeding between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle.Cavapoo are cheerful dogs that get along very well with children and new dog owner.They are ranked as Ideal dog breed for small apartments.

Cavapoo - Im not usually a fan of designer dogs but I saw one of these in Italy and it was so CUTE, smart sweet . . . sort of want! More Design Dogs, Adult Dogs, Cocker Spaniel, Dogs Cavapoo, Puppys, Dogs Photos, Baby, Cavapoo Dogs, Adorable Animal Cavapoo - whats not to love about this cute fluffy baby! These cavapoos are the CUTEST!!! I miss my Domino (cocker spaniel) so much......gotta have one of these! Cavapoo Adult Dog Photos - There is something so adorable about this dogs looks…

Cavapoo - I'm not usually a fan of "designer dogs" but I saw one of these in Italy and it was so CUTE, smart & sweet . sort of want!