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I don't post much about the welfare system anymore, when it comes to who should and shouldn't receive it, because I think welfare and taxation is theft. However, I can get behind his. I support myself entirely, have two roommates, I'm putting myself through college, I live well below the poverty line, and I don't ask for a damn thing beyond the opportunity to keep making my own way... Regardless of how nice it would be to get a few hundred bucks a month for groceries. #Welfare…

I don't believe anyone on welfare should be living better than those who work for a living. If I can't afford a manicure than why should someone on welfare be able to afford it? Welfare was designed to be a hand up not a hand out.

How come people on welfare can somehow find the time and money to get alcohol, smokes and tattoos, but can't seem to do the same for birth control?

More like weed, peircings and toys hope they can eat dollar store and walmart toys

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Welfare Observation People on welfare all do drugs. People that work do not do drugs at all.

sigh. this makes me so mad! just because a poor person has a NICE CAR does not mean that they got it themselves. a poor girl went around raking peoples yards for weeks so she could buy her brother a tablet, and you judge her and call her a theif, taking your valuable money away from you. f off

Some people view Welfare (Benefits) as a career/lifestyle choice. It was meant to be a SAFETY NET!

A person cannot help unless they care and cannot care until they understand.  Animal welfare education matters.

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I kind of want this as a tattoo. Especially if I decide to become a teacher some day. That would be a glorious quote to show my imaginary future students!