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novel window display in the "Lady Jane" boutique on London's Carnaby Street, 1966. Boutiques in the 1960s changed the way merchandise was displayed and sold. The shops reflected an informality between the owner and clientele and included novelty fashions, smaller retail volumes, and innovative displays and interiors.

Burt Glinn USA. New York City. 1959. A Beatnik party at an artist's loft on Christie and Division streets. The band is the Walter Bows Band. Magnum Photos

The centre of London's fashion world is now in the east, but in the mid-60s Carnaby Street was where it was at. So much so that in 1966 The Kinks (pictured here in Soho, 1965) wrote 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion', poking fun at the "Carnebetian army" - the fashion victims who thronged Carnaby Street. Photo: Getty

The Mod Male, Carnaby Street, mid 1960s The mods were the first of many subcultures to draw positive influence from West Indians in GB. The mod was a "typical lower class dandy" who paid particular attention to detail. "The mods invented a style which enabled them to negotiate smoothly between school, work, and leisure, and which concealed as much as it stated" (52). Essentially, Hebdige is explaining that mods took the idea of neatness and pushed it to an extreme, they were always "too"…

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