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The Most Amazing Up-Close Snail Photos You'll Ever See
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This one is for @Megan Stone ...I see she has a serious love for this kind of mammal. ;)
what's up?..(:
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Dog ... <p>Not purebred domestic dog in a collar on walk in yellow flowers.</p> Vertebrate, adorable, animal, beast, breed, canine, cheerful, curiosity, cute, dog, doggie, doggy, domestic, fluffy, fond, friend, friendship, fun, fur, furry, hairy, happiness, hound, innocence, mammal, mongrel, obedience, paw, pedigree, pets, pup, puppy, purebred, summer, terrier
Adorable flop eared fuzzy bunny, who seems to like the smell of flowers (and possibly the taste =P)
Baby with daffodils...