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Motomi Kawakami Retrospective

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BREST BREST BREST Programme bimestriel, saison 2013 2014 pour l'Aéronef (Lille). Format ouvert 40x60, impression 3 couleurs Pantones sur papier Coral Book 90g Texte composé en OSP-Din (© Harrisson, Ludi and Antoine Begon), et en Gotham Rounded (© Tobias Frere-Jones)

The Safavids originally wrote in Turkish, but Persian, after Chaldiran, became the language of state. They also adopted elaborate Persian traditions of court etiquette.

VERY powerful. And it raises a seriously thought-provoking question, why do we care SO deeply for our pets but not at all for the animals we eat? Cows and pigs are MUCH more intelligent than dogs and cats, but no one really seems to be bothered by that.

Gluten and Grain Free Eggplant Lasagne

eggplant lasange- this is naturally gluten free and so delicious you wont miss the pasta!