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Wolves are not man killers and would be more inclined to run away from a human rather than blindly attack one, get your information correct and stop putting more false crap on wolves. Its people like you that are the reason wolves often have such a nasty reputation. (I don't know who I'm speaking to)

We had 1 rooster that looked like this one. It drove my dad nuts! Every time he entered the barn area the rooster would try jumping on my dad's neck or shoulders. Dad would sometimes carry around a stick to ward him off! lol I don't think we had him for very long.

"Barley Awake", by American artist - Jim Daly, (1940 - ), 12" x 9", Oil, Original available at LAHAINA GALLERIES in Maui, Hawaii

Photo by @camdavidsonphoto USA/Mexican border east of Nogales, Arizona in 2008 for a Vanity Fair (unpublished) story on construction of the "border" wall. Flew at sunrise from Nogales to the New Mexico border.The International border marker is on the left of the frame. Earlier that morning we saw people slipping underneath the fence into the USA from the Mexican side of the border. After seeing our helicopter (which was painted in similar colors as the US Border patrol helos) - the people…

Santino & Co Walking Pottery Studio Ware. Pictured is a very happy Ozzy Osbourne and Slash enjoying their favourite cuppas. Ozzy's got his hands around the walking Policeman "On Patrol". Slash is holding the "Prisoner On The Run Cup"...Hand-made and hand-painted in limited edition production runs. Put a smile on your face in a new, fun way to start your day! Santino & Co's Walking Pottery... Making today's collectables..... tomorrow's antiques....

Visit Some of History’s Most Famous Literary Salons

Visit Some of History’s Most Famous Literary Salon. This morning, we spotted a few gorgeous photographs of Coco Chanel’s book-filled salon over at Book Patrol, and it got us to thinking about that much-romanticized, often revived tradition of thinkers from centuries past: the literary salon. For your daydreaming pleasure, we’ve collected a few paintings and photographs of famous literary salons from the 1600s to the 1970s.