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The older we get the more we are like computers.

Maybe old ..but still has it up top...clever

With my ailing memory, I'm thinking of changing my password to "incorrect" That way, when I log in with the wrong password, the computer will tellme. " Your password is incorrect"


CPAP silicone free masks are designed to reduce/eliminate the skin irritations while you sleep peacefully. It enhances your CPAP therapy & soothes your sleep.

Sorry to all the ppl I have made late!

Just got behind an "extreme couponer" in the checkout line. Anybody want to post my bail? I always end up behind an extreme couponer!


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmas, etc! who are or have survived the teenagers!

C'est le moment de m'entrainer à mon sport d'hiver favori, l'hibernation extrême.

Girlygirl on

Maxine: Time to start training for my favorite winter sport… extreme hibernating.

Isn't it the truth

I don't believe in treating pets like people. I love 'em way too much to be that unkind. - Maxine, words of wisdom - - - Hug your dog!

Just the other...NEVER!

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