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1970s penguin fridge - Google Search

Zoodleland Kitchen Refrigerator -- I had the entire set that included a pink hippo sink and the green turtle stove. The refrigerator was my favorite because that is where the "food" was stored when we played restaurant.

Hahaha I forgot all about this.....loved mine

Fisher Price Movie Viewer with 3 Lonesome Ghosts Vintage Toy Seventies Walt Disney Mickey Mouse. My mom still has mine. We had one of these and it was so much fun!

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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Family Treehouse with accessories 1975

Go Retro!

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo hails from the but is made for today's hair. Enjoy the flowery, spicy scent of Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.

Kinda familiar? I don't remember the name of this doll I just remember I had one and she was pink

Mattel Baby Beans doll ~ Baby beans was my Dawn's very first doll on her birthday.

Vintage Toys & Memorabilia: Vintage 1970's Hasbro INCHWORM Riding Toy

I remember as a little kid my Sister had this, now classic, riding toy by Hasbro Romper Room called The INCHWORM. AND was thrilled to find it again for my GREAT-Granddaughter for this Christmas - she loved it.

Baby Dolls From The 1970S | ... Mattel Beans Dolls 1970s Pink Sleeper Bitty Beans Baby Doll Box |

Vintage Mattel Beans Dolls 1970s Pink Sleeper Bitty Beans Baby Doll Box NRFB MIB

Corningware Children's Serving Set; we played with one of these in the kitchen set in Mrs. Mackey's room.

Toy Corning Ware Dish Set = many hours of fun cooking up wonderful imaginative dishes