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Portrait of a Queen: Elizabeth I's Coronation at Westminster Abbey - Biography.com. In her coronation robes, January 15, 1559

Queen Elizabeth I The Coronation portrait, coronation on 15 January Copy c of a lost original of c 1559

Queen Elizabeth I

Who Said It? Queen Elizabeth I or Daenerys from Game of Thrones?

The intellectual Elizabeth was truly the first crowned queen to successfully…

Elizabeth by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

Queen Elizabeth I, circa After Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, Government Art Collection, UK

Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603)

10 Great Cheating Queens and Their Many Love Affairs - She is known as the “Virgin Queen” because she never married. What she may or may not have done in the intimacy of her bedchamber is a whole different story.

'The Rainbow Portrait' of Queen Elizabeth I as "The Queen Of Love And Beauty" -- 1600-1602, attr. to Isaac Oliver. Owned by the Marquess of Salisbury; on display in the Marble Hall at Hatfield House, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Isaac Oliver aka Olivier of French Huguenot Descent Queen Elizabeth I, The Rainbow Portrait, 1600 Painting

Queen Elizabeth I's coronation portrait - note the symbols of State and the lavish clothing - spectacular. tudor renaissance medieval sca larp jewelry

Elizabeth I Queen of England, Gloriana, The Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess.

Renaissance Fashion - Women's Clothing in Elizabethan England

Renaissance Fashion - Women's Clothing in Elizabethan England

March, 1603 after 44 years of reign Queen Elizabeth 1 died. (The Kitchener Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I The English and Scottish crowns were united when James VI of Scotland became James I of England

Das Welbeck-Portrait Elisabeths I. von Marcus Gerards dem Jüngeren um 1580. Es soll die Wanstead Hall im Hintergrund zeigen

Queen Elizabeth I The Peace Portrait, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder.

One of several sieve-themed portraits of Queen Elizabeth I. "The sieve is a symbol of chastity and purity, originally taken from Petrarch's 'Triumph of Chastity'. In the story, a Roman Vestal Virgin proves her purity by carrying water in a sieve and not spilling one drop. The sieve thus reinforces Elizabeth's image as 'the virgin queen' ". -Cody

File:George Gower Elizabeth Sieve Portrait 2 - other version - 1579

Princess Elizabeth, aged about 13. This portrait depicts Elizabeth as studious, and highlights her long fingers, which she was very proud of!

Princess Elizabeth, aged about This portrait depicts Elizabeth as studious, and highlights her long fingers, which she was very proud of. Her mother Anne Boelyn and her father was King Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan, 1585-1590. She really likes the fan... Well, nobody is perfect.

Elizabeth I is savage and ruthless Queen Elizabeth I with a fan, Artist unknown / Bad and Boujee, Migos ft.

Queen Elizabeth 1-never married or had children. She was known as the Virgin Queen.

Queen Elizabeth 1 --- "The Virgin Queen." Survived multiple assassination attempts and took a broken country and lead it into the "Golden Years". Such a strong woman with just the right amounts of each of her parents - Henry VIII & Anne Boylen- in her.

love the tight curls: Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, by Unknown artist, early century with century overpainting - NPG 542 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Unknown Artist  —  The Portraits Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1590's    (1084x1461)

Unknown Artist — The Portraits Elizabeth I, Queen of England,

Mary Tudor, Queen of France, sister of Henry VIII.,,,,Billiments were strands of gold work and jewels used as Tudor Jewelry and sewn to the neckline of garments of clothing

Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Sister of Henry VIII. I have been interested in the Tudors, ever since!

Catherine Howard, cousin of Anne Boleyn and fifth wife of Henry VIII

Hans Eworth called Mary Fitzalan Duchess of Norfolk - 1555 User:PKM/icon - Wikimedia Commons