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I collected bottlecaps as a kid. Yep. And now you feel dumber for knowing that.

The best feeling in the world is when my clients leave happy :) , they accept my art and most importantly my growth and the flaws that comes with it , I'm not perfect but I strive into giving my clients the best of me , making them feel beautiful, nothing negative that comes from others around me will stop me from delivering greatness n smiles to all my wonderful clients ! From the most simplest set to the crazy exaggerated sets I love making them smile :) gnite everyone @kelsie989

F U L L M O O N . . . I'm posting this but the truth is it's just an excuse to talk you for a minute. To thank you actually. Each and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who took precious limited moments from your crazy chaotic lives to reach into my messy dirty depressed day. I am speechless. Because what you are reading now are not words but the sound of my heart gasping at the beauty of this sisterhood. Even though I should know by now that this is just who you are and just what you do can I PLEASE…

On instagram by alyeleleleleleleleleleleley #gameboy #microhobbit (o) http://ift.tt/1n9SRMK how it all started ! Back when pokemon was still new...I asked my mom to get me a toy (Idr what it was.I belive it was a transformer ) anyway..she came back from the toy store and she got me this guy...and told me that the guy at the toy store told her that this is the real deal...I had no idea ehat the heck is pokemon..only watched couple of episodes...anyway one I got this guy..first I was…

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

This equestrian statue stands in a small courtyard adjacent to the United States Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley, Kansas. This three-quarter sized statue is dedicated to the million and a half horses and mules that perished or were used during the Civil War. This statue was commissioned by Paul Mellon who served at Fort Riley during World War II and sculpture was designed by Tessa Pullan..

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