Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue. I'm being so indecisive at the moment. I want blue but then purple looks pretty and so does pink and hrmpf. I still might try this mixed with midnight blue per my friends advice.

2016 Winner of the NYLON magazine beauty hit list for BEST HAIR COLOR! Vegan formula colors and conditions hair.


Purple hair: an extremely rare recessive gene caused by a benign mutation.or by standing too long in purple rain. Caption by Andrea Cook. <<<< its impossible to have purple hair naturally.

Nikki Napalm vintage hair

Nikki Napalm(@nikkinapalm) - Instagram photos and videos

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manic panic sirens song--love her waterfall braids

Mary Misantropic looks gorgeous with a hair color like Siren's Song. /// Love the colourr

Ear modifications. Applause.

Bright hair, minimalist makeup, and silicone ears are hallmarks of city elf style.

Dayana Crunk – 399 photos | VK

From lilacs to violets, purple and all its shades are reigning supreme on the hair scene right now. Here are 23 of the dreamiest purple hairstyles that exist.

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OFF SALE Blue and Neon Violet / Long Curly Layered Wig Mermaid Hair Lolita Natural Scalp Piece. It would be awesome to actually have hair this color