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There are lots of neat ideas but I am mainly pinning this so I can remember the Angry Birds cans. The kids would love this. You could also add wooden blocks and create larger structures to knock down.

50 Sensational Summer Crafts for Kids. This looks like a cool angry birds game just get plush birds to throw.

Ballon paper plate tennis Paper plates less painful when having to do gym in classroom on rainy day

DIY: Balloon Ping Pong - great for rainy days or a party activity! Just glue a paper plate to a craft stick- or even a paint stirrer. And start blowing up balloons!

Dit is een zelfgemaakt spel dat bestaat uit een keukenrolletje (karton) en witte plastieken borden, waar de binnenkant is uitgeknipt. Als spel kan je de ringen eerst verstoppen en de kinderen dit laten zoeken. Daarna is het de bedoeling dat ze de ringen over de buis mikken. Kleinere peuters kunnen dit er gewoon over schuiven.

This would be a great activity for an indoor recess. The children could make the ring and decide what the game rules are. Could be adapted to Spanish language lesson.write targrt word or sentence on each ring.

freeze things and let him hammer them out

Keep them busy for hours! A block of ice with treasures frozen inside and a hammer. Great for hot summer days!

if it's getting too cold to head outside, here are 20 fun & easy indoor crafts and activities to keep your kids busy and happy on rainy/snowy days

50 best indoor activities for kids

Indoor activities for kids: if it's getting too cold to head outside, here are 20 fun & easy indoor crafts and activities to keep your kids busy and happy on rainy/snowy days

How to make magic wands, 25 things to do with cardboard boxes, and make a mini bow and arrow set!

TBPW: Amazingly Easy Kids Crafts

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box. So many creative play ideas using just a carboard box, some paint and clever thinking.

Super cute alert: This tension rod trick magically creates a dollhouse where there once was only an empty hallway. See more at Ikat Bag »

13 Problems Easily Solved With Tension Rods

wish I had thought of this when my kids were small. We used kitchen chairs.Using tension rods to make a tent in the hallway for the kids, instead of dragging out all the kitchen chairs. I like this idea!

Cute idea to recycle. Its an inexpensive catch and throw game. This site has several great ideas on it.

37 Awesome Crafts Using Milk Jugs

Milk Jug Ball Catcher *** My kids had fun with this game. I didn't bother taping the edge of the milk jug, it wasn't sharp. We made a ball using leftover foil but any ball will do.

32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids. Great for outdoor birthday parties, barbecues and holidays.

32 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do - hands on : as we grow

Scavenger Hunts Provide movement opporunties inside and outside, AND encrouage problem solving! 32 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids - time to go on a hunt!

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Cup and Straw Game for Holy Spirit/Pentecost lesson?

Fun games four sunday school class :)Minute To Win It games - For indoor recess, this is a must! I love the red carpet too. (hehe the cup race looks great for a youth game)

IMG_5968-001... tape jumping tree... ages 2+

Tape lines on the floor and have kids start on 1 and see how far they can jump. A very silly and fun gross motor activity to get the kids moving with a simple jumping game!