Elderflower champagne cocktails. I don't even know what Elderflower is, to be honest. I do know, that I want to know, now.

Pear & Ginger-Sage Champagne Cocktails // @andreabemis. Find this recipe and more on our Champagne Feed at https://feedfeed.info/champagne?img=100286 #feedfeed

Reindeer Champagne Cocktail ....I LOVE this...wonder if u could do food color in turbinado sugar...pomegranate seeds, champagne, pomegranate syrup (1/2 simple syrup & half pomegranate juice) FUN AND EASY!!!

Happy Hour: Limoncello Champagne Cocktails : When it comes to brunch drinks, there's nothing like a mimosa, but if you have them on a regular basis (like I do!), for a special occasion, it's nice to change things up.

Rock Candy Champagne Cocktail. I don't really like the idea of sweetening a perfectly good glass of champagne, but this sure is pretty.

Want to make the rim of your glasses sparkle like theyre covered in tiny diamonds? Try our Cloud White cocktail rimming sugar adds a delicious sparkle to your signature drinks, and is oh so glittery on your glass rim. We love the look of this sugar blend weve made - which we start by using two different sized grains of organic sugar - and because it adds a sweet garnish to any drink, especially champagne cocktails. I LOVE THIS! WHAT DO I GET? This listing is for one food-grade tin filled…

Juniper Champagne Cocktail Recipe & Video | Martha Stewart Since I do not have the time to play bartender all night, I like to prepare few drinks at once and then walk around with a tray, offering my guests a choice. Using a drink tray may seem really old fashioned, but it reminds me of my grandparents and how they used to host parties, so it brings back good memories—and to me it looks so darn cool.

I’m the gal who never knows what cocktail to order. You know I love a good margarita but that’s not truly a cocktail. Years ago, my mom and I decided I should just say “champagne” when asked because I do like champagne….a lot. Much better than a blank look and a stutter. Agree? Since then...Read More »

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