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Nancy Drew: 1940s. In the 1940s, Nancy's new hairdo, an au courant Lauren Bacall style, came courtesy of illustrator Russell Tandy, who drew all but one of the series' covers between 1930 and 1949. The heroine's gutsy demeanor remained much the same during this decade, as did plotlines--often about heists or missing heirs. Both themes appear in 1943's The Clue in the Jewel Box, which earns an appraisal of $200.

Why We Still Love Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Spines ~ still have a box of them ~ but not the whole collection!

"Vintage Nancy Drew books from glorious childhood days of climbing a tree to read and dream of finding treasures. In 1954 i discovered Nancy Drew. She had her own car and had such glorious freedom. i wanted all of that when i grew up.

1960s  I had a very large Nancy Drew collection.  I had some older than this.  I gave them away, but I never did. I miss my collection.  I had almost all of the books in the collection,

Why We Still Love Nancy Drew

All Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene ... I started with The Hidden Staircase!

Nancy Drew Mysteries--Read them all when I was a young teenager!

Nancy Drew - what turned me into a reader when about 8 yrs. old.  Read one after the other that summer . . .

Why We Still Love Nancy Drew

Nancy's age jumped from 16 to 18 in and she morphed from a feisty gumshoe into a demure debutante who deferred to police and drove only "as fast as the law allowed." Read more: Nancy Drew Books Value - Vintage Nancy Drew Books - Country Living

I read many of the Nancy Drews

Aunt Lou started me off on Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Kay Tracy books. I still love mystery novels. Love you Aunt Lou!

I have read all of them and more (she is writing some new books) and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Nancy Drew Mystery Series Complete Book Set 1-54 Carolyn Keene NEW Condition VG

1970s    The 1970s saw a licensing bonanza with Nancy Drew lunch boxes, a TV show—and this 1973 cookbook we found on eBay, which features a recipe for Sleuth Soup (a dubious mix of tomato juice, whipping cream, and beef broth).    Read more: Nancy Drew Books Value - Vintage Nancy Drew Books - Country Living

Why We Still Love Nancy Drew

Crooked Banister was the first Nancy Drew book I read. Found it hiding in my mother's book shelf.

The first Nancy Drews I read were the 1950s editions!  --where I learned about the smell of old books.

Started reading Nancy Drew after borrowing my aunt's edition and getting hooked.