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Student loan debt can be a binding chain on financial success, but there are ways to tackle the loans that can give people hope.

"Most people look forward to summer. Lying on the beach, chasing in teh sands. But many underweight people *hate* the summer." | Wow! How times have changed... Vintage Weight Gain ads for Women

Vintage Weight Gain Ads for Women

Grad school

Funny Confession Ecard: Everyone is getting married or having babies and I'm just sitting here thinking, 'Yeah Grad School sounds nice.

Scary that this person says they are a senior in college but do not understand the concept of the 99% since they claim not to be wealthy that would make them in the 99%.

Stop think you're entitled to get things for free people! You have to work hard to survive! I swear my peers are the laziest generation of people!

Syringomyelia - How I feel and react to people saying, "it could be worse."

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

"I have metal filling in my teeth. My refrigerator magnets keep pulling me into the kitchen. That's why I can't lose weight!

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Cartoon: Instead of repaying my student loan, I'm returning my diploma. It didn't work.

It is November 30, 2012. It got to 52 in Chicago. Yes, I wore leg warmers under my boots.

If u live in Wisconsin u no the 45 degrees is t shirt and jean weather!

She is so freaking DARLING

Right next to John Green. I have two sassy intelligent remarkable spirit animals.<---- this is totally something I would do!

Official Worship Signals | Adapted from Tim Hawkins Comedy ©2012

Tim Hawkins how to raise your hands in worship. I totally go to a hand raising church.where a woman has only one hand up, fairly close to her body, with her fingers slightly splayed? "Get the goo off my hand"


Ann Romney secretly glad - Funny joke with smiling Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney who lost 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama: "Ann Romney secretly glad she doesn't have to move into a smaller house.

Oh, how you underestimate my powers...


"This isn't some paper that you can write the night before" You underestimate my power.