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It's not easy being green :)

That is the universal sign for "I have something stuck in my throat." Probably a feather.Funny pics from The Ellen Degeneres fB page.

I love that you're silly and awkward and weird and dorky and nerdy and funny and witty cause I'm all those things too missy. Wish you were here with me! Hope you slept well.

life is the longest thing you'll ever do, but it's still too short to be anything but happy! Be silly and kind and fun and crazy, because life's too short not to be childish sometimes.

Hahaha I don't know why I can't stop laughing when I look at this

Better Play It Cool.

There's nothing worse than sitting down and realizing that there's just a cardboard tube where your TP should be. And let's put it on the holder, OK, people? Really.  Print out this picture at Cozy Reverie »    - CountryLiving.com

7 Cheeky Signs You Simply Must Have for Your Bathroom

20 creepy things to whisper while hugging someone. I need to try this. -omg

Creepy Whispers

20 Creepy Things To Say While Hugging. Not mine. Found while stumbling. Don't know if repost. The 20 Creepiest Things You Can Whisper In Someone Else' s Ear <----- Wtf.

Remember these!!! The long chain texts that you were so scared to not send so you did because otherwise your conscience would keep pulling at you until you did!

See, the funny thing is that it's like at night, so my crush probably isn't gonna tell me at ten thirty. Not to mention I don't even have a crush. I just don't want bad luck.

"Did you use protection, Cas?" Of course Cas had protection. He kept his angel sword close by! ;)

"Did you use protection, Cas?" Supernatural humor funny - of course Cas kept his angel sword close by!) yeah he had protection angel blade protection

"That awkward moment when ... You've already said 'What?' Three times and still have no idea what the person said ... so you must agree." TOTALLY ME.

It happens to me all the time…

This has been my life for the last 15 years, until I FINALLY got help with a hearing aid.

basic black skinnies, flats & a turtleneck.......Audrey - 'Funny Face' (1957)

i love the movie Funny Face. I think its my favorite Audrey movie. every time i watch it, it makes me want to be a beatnik.or at leas.

I really struggle to sleep, but there's something about being in a position that means my knee is in my ear that just sends me right off....

If I fits I sits

If I fits I sits. Sometimes they don't even have to fit to sit lol