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riveted car - Google Search

riveted car - Google Search

Now, this is a car. Take that, Prius! :P

Steampunk its more than an aesthetic tendency, it's the longing for the past that never was. In Steampunk Girls we display pictures, and illustrations of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and other anachronistic 'punks, some cosplay too!

steampunktendencies:    Steampunk Tank by Jorge L. Rodriguez

steampunktendencies: Steampunk Tank by Jorge...

The engine car of a tank-train. The front cylinder portion of it glows white-hot when the engine is being pushed too hard.

He's designed a number of different motorcycles and trikes, and even dreamt up a pretty wild steampunk car.

Race Cars And Airplanes Inspired This Steampunk Motorcycle!

Mikhail Smolyanov initially wanted to create a bike with racing car designs of the are fitted with aircraft engines. However, he instead makes the motor’s steampunk style, stylish design combined steam engine era of the century with elements of