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Search For Life On Mars Continues: Antarctic Fungi Survive Extreme Martian Conditions On The ISS

Mars' surface revealed in unprecedented detail

Using an image stacking and matching technique called Super-Resolution Restoration (SRR) UCL scientists have developed a technique to achieve resolution (the equivalent of drone-eye vision) by processing stacks of resolution images taken fro

Gigantic Space-Based Test To Detect Gravitational Waves Might Actually Work | Popular Science

Test cubes floating freely inside LISA Pathfinder / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA

Watch Live as Astronauts Fix a Robotic Arm on the ISS

Watch Live as Astronauts Fix a Robotic Arm on the ISS



Boeing présente la combinaison spatiale de demain - Sciences et Avenir

Astronauts heading into orbit aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft will wear lighter and more comfortable spacesuits than earlier suits astronauts wore.

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Primed and Ready

India created history as satellite Mangalyaan - Hindi for 'Mars Craft' - successfully entered the Mars orbit today. Genotypic Technology will endeavour to be the first to do Metagenomics profiling of martian samples

How a space elevator works - our best bet for low-cost orbital escape and re-entry in the future, once suitably strong cable materials can be mass-produced

Japanese space elevator shuttling passengers kilometers above the Earth by 2050 .So let us visit the orbiting space stations in a jiffy and I may not wait till 2050 WHY NOT BY ?

"#SpaceWalkSelfie Back on the grid! Great first spacewalk yesterday. Now on to the next one next week. #YearInSpace" - <a href="https://twitter.com/StationCDRKelly/status/659755675757715456" target="_blank">via Twitter</a> on Oct. 29, 2015

See the Best Photos From Astronaut Scott Kelly's 8th Month in Space

The astronaut will spend one year on the International Space Station, longer than any other American