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Coreene Callahan's Dragon Tip #113 – Beware of dragons bearing gifts. He’ll almost certainly want a favor in return. Which could include the sexual kind…at least if you’re lucky!

dragons: “Concept art from Guild Wars II, by Kekai Kotaki ”

Don't fashion into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon.I AM the dragon and I WILL eat you whole."

WHEN A GIRL´S SOUL IS ON FIRE. her full power may be released so as her soul has the power of a dragon.I like this idea of the fire taking over, not so much the dragon

Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures  ‎~ Mermaid.    Art by http://tn3h.deviantart.com/

Love the light and jelly fish on this one. I also like the idea of the mermaid playing music, but I'm not a harp fan . what else could represent music?

My friend Tina was killed in a hit and run accident last September.she loved fairies.her house was decorated with them.so I am putting some up in honor of her.