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Fresh Chicken

"Least Tern Chick" by Ryan Schain:  "While watching several species of terns at Sandy Point, I nearly stepped on this newborn Least Tern chick that was resting in the sand. This bird was literally the size of a cotton ball with toothpicks for legs. I almost missed the shot of it running away, as I was literally cracking up."

Funny pictures about Hot sand. Oh, and cool pics about Hot sand. Also, Hot sand.

good day... for a hat.

Julie Persons' 'Chicks In Hats'

Greeting Card Set Chick in Newsprint Hat Folded Photo Note Cards With Envelopes

Chicks Boarding Hand

Chicks Boarding Hand

That Kind Of Woman

May your day be full of chocolate and food and minimal sugar related meltdowns! by katgoldin

I wonder what the 3rd chick from the left said or did!  He seems to look out saying, "Oh yeah...it was me." and you know he just hopped right down... ~Honey @Mondorfment

new chicks on the farm. Mom ordered baby chicks through the mail or the farm store. They were in a cardboard box with tiny peep holes. I got to sit next to them on the seat.