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So cute!!!!!

love the new disney movies as much as the old ones! CGI Princesses + Seasons Elsa - Winter for ice magic Anna - Spring for thawing love Rapunzel - Summer for sun magic Merida - Autumn for change

I only knew a few of these (Flynn's age, Gothel's dress, some of the symbols from other movies, Pinocchio's cameo) but I love the name Bastian, but that would be redundant since there's a Disney character name Sebastian already. Also, many people know this by now but Gothel's affection for Rapunzel's hair rather than Rapunzel herself shows how she never loved HER, but rather loved her powers. The descending lantern fact is my fav! ADORABLE!

Things you maybe didn't know about Tangled

Tell me about it. I want to have my hair in a big long braid down my back, and then I want it short in a bob. Ugh, it's just so hard to decide.

I love how true this is! Lol I completely pulled a rapunzel junior year. Went from blonde hair down to my ribs, to brown hair up to my shoulder.

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Everyone thinks Tangled is dead but I don't think it will go away, just like every other Disney Princess before. Disney Princesses will continue to come, but true Disney lovers will not let any of them go away.

Its only love.. and love is all i have to take your heart away....

the lantern scene from tangled. HD Wallpaper and background photos of lantern scene for fans of Princess Rapunzel (from Tangled) images.

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there may be something there that wasn't there before {beauty & the beast × tangled = awesome}