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"I was helping my drunk husband to get to bed when he suddenly said: "Back off lady, I have a wife." I love him so much"

"It's been two years since my horse saved me at a barrel race from a drunk guy. He pinned me against my trailer and she broke her halter and gave him hell"

Imagine being drunk as fuck walking into this bathroom

"There are only three things that always tell the truth. 1. Children 2. Drunk people 3. Yoga pants"

Today Top 39 Cool pics (09:17:31 AM, Tuesday 03, January 2017 PST) – 39 pics

"I have two moods: 1- constant panic and worrying about every little detail. 2- Yolo."

This is moment when ship Victuri became canon <3

Ownage - ZachDude how drunk was i last night?Well you climbed a tree yelling 'OH MY GOD! look how big this piece of broccoli is!' Oh shit