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Ermahgerd- Derf Lerpherd "Pour some sugar on me!

When You Try To Pronounce These 25 Food Names While Eating Them…

Sincerely, these had me laughing out loud! Grab someone who can laugh with you. Then read these aloud. I'm crying 'cause I'm laughing so hard.


Ermahgerd Baby

Funny pictures about Ermahgerd Baby. Oh, and cool pics about Ermahgerd Baby. Also, Ermahgerd Baby photos.

What are you watching here?

What are you watching here?

Princess Leia is firing her laser - Funny princess Leia making derp face when firing her laser gun.

thats right ermahnerms!

I can't help it, I love the ermagherd girl and I was proud of myself when I figured out what this was!


I'm not sure if people will think this is as Hilarious as i do, but this just made me laugh so hard i cried XD Oh my gosh I say Kern all the time this just made my day hahaha