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Perched - A butterfly from the Strong Butterfly Garden, Rochester, NY.

Perched - A butterfly from the Strong Butterfly Garden, Rochester, NY.

Red Bellied Woodpecker.  When seen at my feeder the bird was so fluffed up, I had a hard time finding it in a bird book!!

Top 8 Foods to Feed Birds During the Winter

.Every time I see a butterfly, in my mind and spirit, it's my MOTHER visiting me.  I hope to have my bank covered in butterfly bushes by next year!  So I can have more and more!

Spectacular and Beautiful Examples of Butterfly Photography

My favorite color is blue. Seen here will be art work and photographs containing the color BLUE. Some of the images in this site may images nudity.

Truth has no finality to it. It is not something to be held on to. Truth is discovered minute to minute or not at all ~ Adyashanti

Quotes Quote Quotation Quotations We Are All A Little Fragile Hand Butterfly Blackandwhite

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!      Paul Villinski's Fable and Rise -  a visual melody of butterflies blooming out of the crevices of a cello and an electric guitar, respectively. It feels as though you can hear the music. He created the beautifully fluttering insects out of recycled cans that once littered the streets of New York.

Harmonious Beer Can Butterflies

You may recall artist Paul Villinski& swirl of butterflies made of beer cans from a few years ago. He has since honed his craft, continuing to reproduce t

schon! magazine, no.19 - "the swarm" - jaz wasson - makeup: elias hove - artist: tessa farmer.

26 Schon Magazine Editorials

{Carnival Masquerade}  (This image: Butterflies http://www.flickr.com/photos/larajade/4441329785/in/photostream)

Fashion editorial test by Lara Jade / Make-up by Keiko Nakamura / Hair styling by Limoz Logli Ideas for LOJ 2013

This listed pattern for Lupus Butterfly was created in even count, peyote stitch using Miyuki Delica, size 11 seed beads. You can, of course, change colors and beads as you please. Please note my patterns do not include line-by-line word instructions on how to do peyote stitch; however, a line-by-line graph or ‘map’ is provided.  I have my completed pieces online as well, and more stuff (including photography, digital paintings, and travel info) at www.greendragonartist.com. I will email the…

BPLP0001 Lupus Butterfly Even Count Single Drop Peyote Cuff/Bracelet Pattern

Beautiful Green Butterfly  by Garry Gay

Beautiful Green Butterfly Greeting Card for Sale by Garry Gay