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It is probably the reason I am still single because I refuse to put up with anyone who I need to "convince" that I am worth valuing, honoring, and respecting. Too many individuals out there not appreciating a good thing when they have it. Don't let that be you. What you ACCEPT from people is what you can EXPECT from people You should NEVER have to chase love or attention. You don't need to "prove" you're worth it. The right person will KNOW it and treat you as such. Don't forget your value…

Do not base your worth on what others think! Do not forget who you are and who knit you together in your mothers womb!

Very simple. Live freely. Don't let anyone/anything oppress or intimidate you. Be open minded, stay humble, and PRAY!

Monday Inspiration "Keep Life Simple" Happy Monday! Have a great week, remember to keep it simple and enjoy everything and everyone you .

What Your Kids Will Learn By Seeing You Volunteer - Moments A Day

What Your Kids Will Learn By Seeing You Volunteer

What Your Kids Will Learn By Seeing You Volunteer, kids learn from example so be a great example to your kids.

Why implement Values - Training?

Why implement Values - Training?


Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story. ~Josh Shipp Thanks to Coach Jory ! caring adults are real People!