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Fresco from Boscoreale, 60-30 BC, depicting a figure in kausia with a Macedonian sarissa and shield

Вилла Ливии. Фрески. 1011.jpg

MAGNA GRECIA: Terracotta Campana relief: four satyrs wearing skins, the two centre ones treading grapes in a wine-press; one on the left playing the double flute, and one on the right carrying a basket of grapes. (At the British Museum)

"The Orator" late Estrucan-Roman bronze (90-50 BCE). The name of the man was Aule Metele, "romanized" in Aulus Metellus. In his time, Estruscan idiom and culture were already faded away.

Arachne - Individual object 13176: Statuette des Demetrios Poliorketes - Neapolis, Kampanien, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Neapel, Provinz Neapel | Detail of a mosaic depicting a deceased person beside the bust of Sappho, from the tombstone of Aurelius Aurelianus, 3rd Century AD, Split Archaeological Museum