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My friend Sandy Connell's Great Grandmother, Gracie with her sister Effie on a Excelsior Motorcycle.

7.) A police officer on a Harley-Davidson transports a prisoner in a holding cell (1921).

Police officer on a Harley & an old fashioned mobile holding cell 1921

In 1915, a young woman named Effie Hotchkiss decided she wanted to travel coast to coast on a motorcycle. She purchased a 1915 3 Speed V-Twin Harley-Davidson. Her mother, Avis, told her she couldn’t make the trip alone. So they agreed that Effie would buy a sidecar and Avis would make the trip with her. They set out from Brooklyn NY to the World’s Fair in San Francisco CA. It took them two months. Effie and Avis made history as the first women riding a sidecar to do a transcontinental…

1915 - Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, a mother and daughter team, rode from New York to California to attend the San Francisco Worlds Fair while making themselves the first female riders to cross the United States.

Wind therapy with Led Zeppelin!

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin on bike: Jimmy Page, John Bonham & Robert Plant ride Suzuki motorcycles.

Indian Powerplus Motorcycle. Circa 1916. A Lovely Wedding Couple setting off on their Honeymoon!!!

With the lady's white dress and flowers, I wonder if this is a wedding photo; perhaps this couple is getting ready to leave for their honeymoon on a vintage Indian motocycle. Taken circa 1916 (+/- 1 year) Best when viewed large!

Steve McQueen

After posting a picture of a wedding cake, I figured a picture of Steve McQueen (a man's man) on one of his motorcycles balanced things

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1919 Excelsior  When men were men and slivers looked like tent stakes. Board track racing, Google it.

1919 Excelsior 61 cu/in SOHC V-twin board track racer. Was based heavily on the Cyclone 61 cu/in SOHC V-twin board track racer from ~ 1911